Friday, July 22, 2011

What Has Been Selling This Week

Queen and Bay via Daily Dose of Imagery
So again I'm a bit late at getting around to posting this, I really should get more in the habit of taking some time to write post for my blog.  Anyways, What has been selling this week?

Well for starters I'm trying a few new things for the upcoming weeks, I've started to whitelist a few of my competitors so that I'll be posted at the same price that they are, assuming there price falls above my threshold, but if it does not I'll be posted at my fallback.  I've already talked about my new threshold and fallback strategy for this coming week in a previous post, maybe its just that I'm nearing the first major milestone of two hundred and fifty thousand gold that I'm become more greedy?  I did sell a bit more then the previous week one hundred eleven more items, and brought in a bit more, but over all wasn't my busiest week.

So whats surprised me? Well enchant gloves - greater mastery for perhaps the first time ever I think has reached my top list of gold sales.  What disappointed me is perhaps something I should start adding to this as well, is that I didn't make hardly any sales of Fortune Cookies.  In another post I pointed out that I had made a fairly decent profit off selling Fortune Cookies.  It seems in a short time without really barking or anything that the secret is out and I have competitors, the price is still good, but since even though I did well with it, it hasn't been my main focus.

I've made the bulk of my gold via enchanting so that is where most of my focus is at.  I'm also behind on the fireland dailies, so be at least another day before I do the filling the moonwell quest and pick up the jewelcrafting bag pattern, I haven't checked to see if any are up yet, but soon I will be trying to post those.  Here's hoping that I'll be having those in my top sales soon, stay tuned.

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