Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dreamcloth and 36 Slot Jewelcrafting bag woes

Current Listings of Luxurious Silk Gem Bag
Well unfortunately for me, I didn't do the fireland dailies maybe two days on time so I got behind on unlocking the moonwell vendor as fast I had hoped to.  I finally got the pattern last night though, but at the same time I was instantly saddened when I went to toss up my first two bags to find that there where three listed now for anywhere between fourteen-hundred to two thousand gold.

Why has this saddened me? well I'm not sure if maybe I'm just doing it wrong, but I would think you would price your dreamcloth based on the most expensive cooldown to make one.  Dream of Azshara oddly enough is the one that is the more expensive of them atm, costing something like eight hundred six gold to make one dreamcloth, costing somewhere around two thousand four hundred eighteen gold to make three and your damn right for using week cooldowns I want to at least get one-hundred fifty percent on making them, which would be three thousand six hundred twenty-nine gold as my threshold.

So what do you do? I guess I might have to research more into the actual cost of making dreamcloth I mean people have been happily selling the high end spell-threads for five-hundred while I would turn up my nose at such amount..

Should I buy them out and list them higher?