Friday, July 22, 2011

Heavenly Shard for Cheep

BlacksmithImage via Wikipedia

Had thought I already posted about this already, and I may have, but I forget which post it was in.  Anyways wanted to share real quick one cheap way to obtain heavenly shards for enchanting or just to sell the shards.

What you need is a blacksmith and a miner, or if for some reason you have a blacksmith but no miner, at least have a friend who can do the smelting for you.  You could possibly buy the bars, but it most likely won't be nearly as cheep.  So what do you need to do?

Depending on the price of ore on your server, and the price Heavenly Shards are going for will determine how effective this method would be for you, make sure you check both before going ahead and using this method.

I'm not actually taking a look at my servers actual prices at the time of writing this, but I know that shards are going somewhere between 95-110g a piece regularly now, occasionally getting lower.   That is a hell of a increase over pre-4.2 numbers, where I bought them around 40-45g.

So lets just throw some random numbers out there, say you can buy both elementium and obsidian ore for about 1g 75s per ore.

Now Stormforged Shoulders take 8 elementium bars or 16 elementium ore, and 2 folded obsidian or 8 obsidium ore.  So your total cost for a heavenly shard is 34 gold, 20g for elementium ore plus 14 for the obsidian ore, now you can turn around and sell those bad boys for a 61 gold profit with these just randomly picked numbers that may or may not be close to reality or possibly turn them into more gold with enchants, which you choose is up to you.