Sunday, July 24, 2011

How much is a Dreamcloth? and Snatch List

Just a quick post that was related to my last one and figured I might as well share this.  When I got the pattern for the 36 slot jewelcrafting bag and noticed people already had it listed for so little I got to wondering if I was just valuing Dreamcloth wrong.  One of the reasons I avoided selling anything with dreamcloth so far had partly been cause I wasn't sure what its value was.

After using a spreadsheet for a bit I figured, ya know what, one of the suggestions Power Word: Gold gave me was right on what I was looking for but for some reason didn't think of.

Taking the price of doing all the cooldowns and dividing them buy five, which is the number of cooldowns you can use to make them minus the dream of dustruction one which uses chaos orbs and since there still bind on pickup we can't buy those ones.

So what was the value I decided on as of last night? 652g 26s 54c per cloth

But I think there is still more I need to do on figuring out the true cost of materials I'm paying for.  So far I've generally been going by the market value of auctioneer, but I've been thinking more about snatch list and how to figure out what I'm actually looking to pay for mats, as obviously I would like to buy them for as much less then the market value as I can.

So I'm going to try and look more into setting up my snatch list, what values do I want to put in per crafting mat.