Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trying to Learn Patience and Moving on in July

Since 4.2 came out I've been having a bit of trouble keeping enchanting mats in stock, I've had to rely a bit to heavily on the Obsidian Shuffle to keep myself in mats and even then wasn't posting as many enchants as I would have liked to be posting.

Last night though, I got allot of materials that dropped below my old price point and I snagged them all up in hopes that it will help in the long run of eventually hitting the 1 million gold mark.  I'm mostly doing this cause right now its the only thing keeping me in the game, but its becoming more and more apparent how time consuming it is, and how much work goes into it.  Right now its almost like a second job.   I come home from work, I hop on, do my Fireland dailies on my mage, do the cooking daily on my warrior and do the jewelcrafting daily on my DK.

Feel like a idiot last night cause I found I lost out on one market I could have got into early on with my DK making some PvP necks and rings.

After some reading the last couple days from blog post, Paitience is a Virtue over at Just My Two Copper, I started to think more about one of them I read that's on patience, something I don't have in droves, but was thinking about it a bit more and more about how I go about making my gold thus far.

So here is my game plan for the rest of this month.  I'm going to watch the Auction House a bit more, I'll still do some posting of things I have, but for the most part early on at least I'm not going to be selling as much.

I'm going to take note of what things are going for and try to stockpile when things are low.  I'm not gonna hop on my characters and just buy out things under the market value and craft them every day, I'm going to set my material cost in TradeSkillMaster based on the low end of what I'm buying materials for, and see how that goes for awhile.

I'm also not going to prospect all the ore I buy, I'll use my blacksmith to smelt some bars and craft folded obsidian. I'm also going to watch herb prices so that I might be able to do more with my alchemist then the daily living elements transmute.

I also want to take more time to blog and work on leveling some alts.  I'm also planning on taking some time to work on a challenge from Nev just for fun.  Wasn't a direct challenge to me of course, but see how much gold I can make in 4 hours played on a new server, should be interesting.