Saturday, June 25, 2011

Auction House Pricing

 I don't know if there are already post on this, but figured might as well post something myself anyways. There are some right and wrong ways to work the auction house to make gold.

For instance, currently if you have a jewelcrafter and a enchanter, you can get your mats relatively cheep. However, since you have that doesn't mean you necessary should go lower then going price of mats on the Auction House. After all if your goal is to make the most gold you can, the most gold per hour, then you should be using the market value of the mats as your price guideline.

I've flipped on this at least once and while yes I sold more enchants by going with what I was paying, assuming I was even getting accurate numbers on the mats. See my earlier post on this, I wasn't really making any more then if I went by the price of the mats off the auction house.

I've also set up TradeskillMaster to only queue enchants in my restock queue if there is at least forty gold in it for me to make the enchant, the reason for this is simply, yes I could make allot of a cheep enchant and make gold of it, but I could also make slightly fewer enchants and make more off those. Though I'm honestly debating if I should maybe just go with fifty like Auction House Addict has posted in one of her post on glyphs. I would like to be working on that right now if my internet wasn't down at least until tomorrow, but well I digress.
The problem I see though is there are certain enchants that get listed far to little gold, over and over again. I pushed up the enchant shield mastery enchant once but ultimately it was a waste of time or least I wasn't going to keep buying out a enchant to push the price up only to watch it drop again.

There are probably other enchants that I could try and do this with and maybe I will in time, buy out all the low ones and push the price up, but for now I'm just going to only make what I can make a profit at, and make a decent profit at, not five to ten gold, what waste my time making those enchants? Why should you waste your time making enchants for that little gold?

If you had the mats anyways and it didn't cost you anything for them other then the time you put into it, why settle for so little, when you could make more or make your gold faster just buy selling the mats?