Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enchanting Threshold and Fallback Settings in TSM

Screenshot of my Auctioning Categories
The other day I had an idea for how I might change my threshold and fallback in TradeSkillMaster for my enchanting.  I'm not that sure it is the best idea but I am going to roll with it for awhile and see what happens.

The idea is this, I want to make the most gold possible, and got to thinking enchants fall into different price categories, so why don't the threshold and fallback I have been using?

You have the expensive enchants that are five hundred gold or more to make, and writing that I almost have to laugh.  Expensive takes on a new meaning when your steadily approaching two hundred thousand gold.

You have your medium range once that are about one hundred fifty to five hundred to make, and your low cost ones that are anywhere under that amount.

So what if say the low end I was only willing to sell my enchants for least twice the crafting cost and I set the fallback to something ridiculous like six hundred percent?

What if the medium range I set the threshold to one hundred fifty percent and the fallback to four hundred percent?

what if the high end I set to only list one and not cancel with a threshold of one hundred twenty-five percent and a fallback of two hundred percent?