Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Has Been Selling This Week

Welcome once again to my late post of "What has been selling this week," Where I just point out that hey, least I'm richer then most people, in World of Warcraft at least.  The picture for this week's post is a photoshop edited photo of my newest mean gnome priest scribe to my gold making line up.

So since 4.2 went live I've been kicking my ass for not having any stockpile, or least next to none of one of materials for enchants and such, though I still managed to keep making a bit of gold, though right now I'm not really much over the one-hundred thousand gold mark, though I suppose I should have at least posted a hey I made one-hundred thousand gold mark.

So whats the first thing I notice looking at my sales posting them later then I meant to, I sold less items total, but the total of the auctions I sold was at least twenty-two thousand more!  This was struggling to get materials for enchanting, farming some of them myself cause they where not cheep enough, though I did recently buy a fairly large number of enchanting mats and other things when they dipped down fairly low, which is why my total on hand gold hasn't gone up much since 4.2, but is still  a fair bit more then when I made my last post on this.

So what where my top items, well mostly enchants as usual.

If I only had more materials ahead of time I might have had a much larger number of sales, but well, to late to worry about that.  Some of the Inscriptions Relics managed to make it into my top list which is good considering another thing I did was dump allot of gold leveling that not to long ago.

What surprised me or I suppose shouldn't have surprised me was that gems made it to the list, top ones being agile shadowspirit diamond's selling nearly two-thousand gold worth and brilliant inferno ruby's selling nearly fifteen-hundred in those.

What didn't make the list yet and not sure if they will at some point, but I feel like a moron in that I didn't realize there where pvp necks and rings to train on my jewelcrafter till a few days ago, I probably could have sold some of those early on, though competition is high in jewelcrafting so I would be lucky to sell many anyways.