Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cooking some Fortune Cookies

An unopened fortune cookieImage via Wikipedia
I recently made my priest my scribe, I partly did it just to see if I could make some more gold off inscriptions and right now, I'm not having to much luck but then my main profession is Enchanting, but aside from get my scribe to five-hundred twenty-five skill level, I decided to pick up the fortune cookie recipe to see if that would help me make some more gold off my cooking.

I made a bunch and sent some to alts for buff food at first but also listed one stack to see if it would sell and how much it would sell for.  It cost me about one-hundred seven gold to make a stack of fortune cookies, and they sold for about two-hundred eighty-eight gold which is a one-hundred eighty-one gold profit, pretty nice profit, so I'm going to try and keep up making them for awhile and see how many of them I can sell.

If you don't have a scribe you on my server the cards themselves have been going as low as eight gold on my server, still a one-hundred eight gold profit if I has just bought the cards off the AH.

Without any other competition I would have been posting them for somewhere between three-hundred to four-hundred eighty gold a stack.