Friday, July 29, 2011

Greater Planar Essence weapons or armor?

A post over at JMTC titled "Cheep Greater Planner Essence," provided some decent information on getting greater planner essence cheeply, but the overall post fell short in some areas.

One of those area's is it listed some cloth armor amoung others that can be dis-enchanted into greater planner essences but isn't something to bank on.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disenchanting for profit

Well I'm leaving the scroll market for awhile as they don't seem to be moving quite as well lately, to many are just returning to my hands, so I decided to move to the raw material market, prospecting and making rings and necks to disenchant, which I already do, but instead of taking that next step and turning those materials plus whatever extra I needed from the AH to turn into chants I'm going to just post mats.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

How much is a Dreamcloth? and Snatch List

Just a quick post that was related to my last one and figured I might as well share this.  When I got the pattern for the 36 slot jewelcrafting bag and noticed people already had it listed for so little I got to wondering if I was just valuing Dreamcloth wrong.  One of the reasons I avoided selling anything with dreamcloth so far had partly been cause I wasn't sure what its value was.

After using a spreadsheet for a bit I figured, ya know what, one of the suggestions Power Word: Gold gave me was right on what I was looking for but for some reason didn't think of.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dreamcloth and 36 Slot Jewelcrafting bag woes

Current Listings of Luxurious Silk Gem Bag
Well unfortunately for me, I didn't do the fireland dailies maybe two days on time so I got behind on unlocking the moonwell vendor as fast I had hoped to.  I finally got the pattern last night though, but at the same time I was instantly saddened when I went to toss up my first two bags to find that there where three listed now for anywhere between fourteen-hundred to two thousand gold.

Why has this saddened me? well I'm not sure if maybe I'm just doing it wrong, but I would think you would price your dreamcloth based on the most expensive cooldown to make one.  Dream of Azshara oddly enough is the one that is the more expensive of them atm, costing something like eight hundred six gold to make one dreamcloth, costing somewhere around two thousand four hundred eighteen gold to make three and your damn right for using week cooldowns I want to at least get one-hundred fifty percent on making them, which would be three thousand six hundred twenty-nine gold as my threshold.

So what do you do? I guess I might have to research more into the actual cost of making dreamcloth I mean people have been happily selling the high end spell-threads for five-hundred while I would turn up my nose at such amount..

Should I buy them out and list them higher?

Friday, July 22, 2011

What Has Been Selling This Week

Queen and Bay via Daily Dose of Imagery
So again I'm a bit late at getting around to posting this, I really should get more in the habit of taking some time to write post for my blog.  Anyways, What has been selling this week?

Well for starters I'm trying a few new things for the upcoming weeks, I've started to whitelist a few of my competitors so that I'll be posted at the same price that they are, assuming there price falls above my threshold, but if it does not I'll be posted at my fallback.  I've already talked about my new threshold and fallback strategy for this coming week in a previous post, maybe its just that I'm nearing the first major milestone of two hundred and fifty thousand gold that I'm become more greedy?  I did sell a bit more then the previous week one hundred eleven more items, and brought in a bit more, but over all wasn't my busiest week.

So whats surprised me? Well enchant gloves - greater mastery for perhaps the first time ever I think has reached my top list of gold sales.  What disappointed me is perhaps something I should start adding to this as well, is that I didn't make hardly any sales of Fortune Cookies.  In another post I pointed out that I had made a fairly decent profit off selling Fortune Cookies.  It seems in a short time without really barking or anything that the secret is out and I have competitors, the price is still good, but since even though I did well with it, it hasn't been my main focus.

I've made the bulk of my gold via enchanting so that is where most of my focus is at.  I'm also behind on the fireland dailies, so be at least another day before I do the filling the moonwell quest and pick up the jewelcrafting bag pattern, I haven't checked to see if any are up yet, but soon I will be trying to post those.  Here's hoping that I'll be having those in my top sales soon, stay tuned.

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Heavenly Shard for Cheep

BlacksmithImage via Wikipedia

Had thought I already posted about this already, and I may have, but I forget which post it was in.  Anyways wanted to share real quick one cheap way to obtain heavenly shards for enchanting or just to sell the shards.

What you need is a blacksmith and a miner, or if for some reason you have a blacksmith but no miner, at least have a friend who can do the smelting for you.  You could possibly buy the bars, but it most likely won't be nearly as cheep.  So what do you need to do?

Depending on the price of ore on your server, and the price Heavenly Shards are going for will determine how effective this method would be for you, make sure you check both before going ahead and using this method.

I'm not actually taking a look at my servers actual prices at the time of writing this, but I know that shards are going somewhere between 95-110g a piece regularly now, occasionally getting lower.   That is a hell of a increase over pre-4.2 numbers, where I bought them around 40-45g.

So lets just throw some random numbers out there, say you can buy both elementium and obsidian ore for about 1g 75s per ore.

Now Stormforged Shoulders take 8 elementium bars or 16 elementium ore, and 2 folded obsidian or 8 obsidium ore.  So your total cost for a heavenly shard is 34 gold, 20g for elementium ore plus 14 for the obsidian ore, now you can turn around and sell those bad boys for a 61 gold profit with these just randomly picked numbers that may or may not be close to reality or possibly turn them into more gold with enchants, which you choose is up to you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enchanting Threshold and Fallback Settings in TSM

Screenshot of my Auctioning Categories
The other day I had an idea for how I might change my threshold and fallback in TradeSkillMaster for my enchanting.  I'm not that sure it is the best idea but I am going to roll with it for awhile and see what happens.

The idea is this, I want to make the most gold possible, and got to thinking enchants fall into different price categories, so why don't the threshold and fallback I have been using?

You have the expensive enchants that are five hundred gold or more to make, and writing that I almost have to laugh.  Expensive takes on a new meaning when your steadily approaching two hundred thousand gold.

You have your medium range once that are about one hundred fifty to five hundred to make, and your low cost ones that are anywhere under that amount.

So what if say the low end I was only willing to sell my enchants for least twice the crafting cost and I set the fallback to something ridiculous like six hundred percent?

What if the medium range I set the threshold to one hundred fifty percent and the fallback to four hundred percent?

what if the high end I set to only list one and not cancel with a threshold of one hundred twenty-five percent and a fallback of two hundred percent?

Friday, July 15, 2011

What Has Been Selling This Week

Creative Commons License
Lion Gaming by Joseph Morse
So figured better get started on this post, or it just wouldn't happen before today is over.  Well it is actually over since today is now Friday and not Thur like I meant to get this post up on.  So without further ado, Whats been selling this week?

So this week I've been taking a bit slower in my gold making, not much, but as you can see I didn't sell as many items, less then last week anyways and didn't take in more then last week.  but still a decent amount and I'm steadily growing bit by bit over the one hundred thousand gold, and moving towards that first milestone of two hundred and fifty thousand.  I'm already over half way there, but not sure how much longer it will take to actually get that point.

When I broke one hundred thousand I told me self I'd buy a Traveler's Tundra, but I keep moving that goal higher. Oh well, eventually I'll just break down and buy one, maybe one for every toon I have that can ride it.  I digress and without further ado, here is what sold.

So what wasn't to much of surprise when I was finally able to make them was fortune cookies made it onto my list in a big way, and up till the last couple days was the second highest thing on my list, I've sold about 3k in cookies over the last week and a bit, some of the early sellers got pushed off the chart a bit.

I could have tried barking in trade to try and up the sales a bit, but when I finally got into a market where there is maybe one other person posting it really worth getting competition that would push the price into the ground like tends to happen with more in demand professions on my server?

I don't know, I may just try barking about them more and see if they start to fly more.  After all they don't just have to be an inscription to have these they have to have there cooking nearly maxed and do at least 5 days of dailies for the recipe if they don't already have it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lowbie Gold Guide: Letherworking

Thandra @ Llane Screenshot by tamed lion
Awhile back I created a hunter with the plan of leveling them up to be my leather worker though I've been debating more and more about just power leveling it on my main, but thought hey, at the vary least this could be.

Keep in mind that I haven't been playing this hunter as much as I would like and primarly the way this character has been making gold is by making low level leather working items and I only been playing them a little here and there, sometimes just signing on to buy leather craft a few items, auction them and sign off.  At this time my hunter is level 23 and has six hundred sixty gold eighty one silver and nighty copper, the only help I really gave this character was some bags, two 20 slot leather working bags I bought from a vendor and a couple embersilk bags I made on my mage.

I'm sure some other more seasoned people would be able to make more then that in the time I've invested in my hunter, but its still more then your average player would most likely have by that level, and since I was about the only one doing it, I had next to no competition with the items I crafted.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Has Been Selling This Week

Welcome once again to my late post of "What has been selling this week," Where I just point out that hey, least I'm richer then most people, in World of Warcraft at least.  The picture for this week's post is a photoshop edited photo of my newest mean gnome priest scribe to my gold making line up.

So since 4.2 went live I've been kicking my ass for not having any stockpile, or least next to none of one of materials for enchants and such, though I still managed to keep making a bit of gold, though right now I'm not really much over the one-hundred thousand gold mark, though I suppose I should have at least posted a hey I made one-hundred thousand gold mark.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cooking some Fortune Cookies

An unopened fortune cookieImage via Wikipedia
I recently made my priest my scribe, I partly did it just to see if I could make some more gold off inscriptions and right now, I'm not having to much luck but then my main profession is Enchanting, but aside from get my scribe to five-hundred twenty-five skill level, I decided to pick up the fortune cookie recipe to see if that would help me make some more gold off my cooking.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trying to Learn Patience and Moving on in July

Since 4.2 came out I've been having a bit of trouble keeping enchanting mats in stock, I've had to rely a bit to heavily on the Obsidian Shuffle to keep myself in mats and even then wasn't posting as many enchants as I would have liked to be posting.

Last night though, I got allot of materials that dropped below my old price point and I snagged them all up in hopes that it will help in the long run of eventually hitting the 1 million gold mark.  I'm mostly doing this cause right now its the only thing keeping me in the game, but its becoming more and more apparent how time consuming it is, and how much work goes into it.  Right now its almost like a second job.   I come home from work, I hop on, do my Fireland dailies on my mage, do the cooking daily on my warrior and do the jewelcrafting daily on my DK.

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