Friday, July 15, 2011

What Has Been Selling This Week

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Lion Gaming by Joseph Morse
So figured better get started on this post, or it just wouldn't happen before today is over.  Well it is actually over since today is now Friday and not Thur like I meant to get this post up on.  So without further ado, Whats been selling this week?

So this week I've been taking a bit slower in my gold making, not much, but as you can see I didn't sell as many items, less then last week anyways and didn't take in more then last week.  but still a decent amount and I'm steadily growing bit by bit over the one hundred thousand gold, and moving towards that first milestone of two hundred and fifty thousand.  I'm already over half way there, but not sure how much longer it will take to actually get that point.

When I broke one hundred thousand I told me self I'd buy a Traveler's Tundra, but I keep moving that goal higher. Oh well, eventually I'll just break down and buy one, maybe one for every toon I have that can ride it.  I digress and without further ado, here is what sold.

So what wasn't to much of surprise when I was finally able to make them was fortune cookies made it onto my list in a big way, and up till the last couple days was the second highest thing on my list, I've sold about 3k in cookies over the last week and a bit, some of the early sellers got pushed off the chart a bit.

I could have tried barking in trade to try and up the sales a bit, but when I finally got into a market where there is maybe one other person posting it really worth getting competition that would push the price into the ground like tends to happen with more in demand professions on my server?

I don't know, I may just try barking about them more and see if they start to fly more.  After all they don't just have to be an inscription to have these they have to have there cooking nearly maxed and do at least 5 days of dailies for the recipe if they don't already have it.