Monday, August 29, 2011

Guild Chat Courtesy

Just thought I'd post a bit of something having to do with a post I was looking at today on WoW Insider, "Drama Mamas: Should guilds mandate courtesy?"

    Dear Drama Mamas,

    I am a guild leader of a large social guild, with a large group of officers.

    At officer meetings there are a small group of people who continue to bring up the subject of guild members not saying hello when people log on or grats when an achievement is made, they feel as if they are being ignored and are not welcome, although I have had no complaints from other guild members. This subject has been discussed many times and the main conclusion that the majority of us agree upon is leading by example, as we can not force guild members to say hello or grats. But the same people continue to gripe about this one subject which sometimes leads to aggressive discussions on the officers forums. I understand that they feel strongly about it and have attempted to address the problem many times and tried various things to appease them to no avail.

    How can I diffuse the situation without resorting to doing something drastic like demoting them, which may cause serious ramifications for the guild (i.e. people guild quitting, aggressive discussions overflowing into guild chat and accusations of abuse of power).



Thursday, August 18, 2011

Single Player Games That Require Internet

Screenshot of Assassin's Creed II from Wikipedia

I have about 7 days off from work as I took my second week of vacation for this year, and for some reason my roommate just had to get behind on paying the bill with Comcast yet again, who provides are internet, TV, and home phone.