Friday, January 2, 2015

This week in review

So haven't really been to successful in actually making much gold this week.  In fact I seem to be spending more then I'm making at the moment.  Part of it is upgrading garrisons on a few of my different alts, and some it has just been playing around with different things.

One of the things I'm trying to play with is trying to buy up temporal crystals under a certain price and ignoring what my addons are telling me is the market value since I don't actually see that price very often.  I've sold a few different weapon enchants but overall I'm not sure its worth it right now.  I may just stay focused on the ring, neck, and cloak ones till I feel i'm in a better spot.

I also been trying to buy up 90 greens after hearing of a strategy involving that and re-listing them for more.  I don't know if its just to early in my attempt at this and i just need to give it more time, or is it to late in the expansion for this to work well for me.  I'm spending more on the greens then i'm making at the moment.