Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disenchanting for profit

Well I'm leaving the scroll market for awhile as they don't seem to be moving quite as well lately, to many are just returning to my hands, so I decided to move to the raw material market, prospecting and making rings and necks to disenchant, which I already do, but instead of taking that next step and turning those materials plus whatever extra I needed from the AH to turn into chants I'm going to just post mats.

I'll still be selling some scrolls as I still have a bunch to sell in my hands, but will take some time to get rid of those.  Plus lately seems rare that I can actually buy materials under the market price so I'm just gonna take a break from turning out scrolls.

So how do we even get materials to sell in bulk?  There are a number of ways to go about doing so.
  • Jewelcrafting:
    • Obsidian shuffle: which actually I tend to be buying more elementium ore then obsidian as obsidian has been rather high lately, turning raw green gems into necks and rings to disenchant, maybe sell the rares or not.  Find on my server is almost better to just DE the blue necks and rings as someone constantly post there's at 75g.
      • Carnalian Spikes are the best for greater celesital essence but this is if you don't mind trading using a alchemist to make inferno rubies for enchanting mats.
    • Eternal Shuffle:  I do this one a little less as when I go searching there isn't much for eternal earth or eternal shadow listed usually, but its a cheep way to get infinite dust and cosmic essences.  Thank you JMTC for the post on this. "Let's Shuffle Eternals! Yes, Eternals."
  • Blacksmithing:
    • Stormforged Shoulders = Heavenly Shards: Usually a cheep way to make heavenly shards, check the cost to make these to what the going rate of heavenly shards are on your server to determing just how profitable this can be.  If the prices are right you can make these for as little as 34g maybe less.
  • Auctioneer
    • I have auctioneer set up to use the disenchant search and only show what I can buy that would be ~10g profit to disenchant
    • Auctioneer doesn't always seem to return everything you might be able to make gold disenchanting though.
  • Auctionator:
    • Greater Celestial Essence: Do a search for ilvl 306-333 green weapons, these can be turned into at least one of not two ore three greater celestial essences, though they could also be expensive hypnotic dust.
    • Heavenly Shards: Do a search for ilvl 318-339 blues, you can find some cheeper then heavenly shards to turn into them, specially elementium dragonling as they are made buy leveling engineers and sometimes dirt cheep.
  • The Consortium:
    • has some post about various other shuffle methods that use some other profession and enchanting to get mats, I haven't tried all of them really yet, but can check them out there.
I'm sure there are other ways to get enchanting materials from crafting goods that would be profitable, but these are the main ones I know of off hand.  I've also heard something about possibly buying molten front vendor items and disenchanting them for maelstrom, but I'm sure that wouldn't last long if its possible.