Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mage Macros

Just thought I'd share some handy Mage Macros for people that I use.

Sheep Macro:

#showtooltip Polymorph
/clearfocus [mod:alt]
/focus [@focus, noexists]
/castrandom [@focus, exists, nodead] Polymorph, Polymorph(Turtle), Polymorph(Pig);

What it does is you hit your sheep button, and it will set your focus to the target you sheep, and you change your target and every time you hit it again it will sheep the target your originally sheeped, if for some reason you need to change your sheep target you simple hold down alt while pressing it again.  Once you or your party kill the target you can simple just proceed like normal for the next sheep target.  I have the castrandom part just to spice it up a bit and sometimes turn the target into a pig or turtle aside from the sheep.

Silence & Run:
/cast [mod:alt] Blink; Counterspell

This is just a simple save space and interrupt button for me.  /stopcasting will stop any current spell being cast, generally a bad idea dps wise but when something needs to be interrupted now you interrupt it now.  Also if you need to get out of dodge cause your gonna die, well MOVE.

Frost Spec Nova

/cast [pet] Freeze; Summon Water Elemental;

This is for the frost spec simply makes it so you use your elementals freeze if he's allive, if not, try and get him back

Fire Kiting
/cast [mod:alt] Dragon's Breath; Cone of Cold

holding alt uses Dragon's Breath and not holding it cast cone of cold

Those are about the only ones I'm using on my mage currently.
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