Sunday, June 19, 2011

What has been selling this week

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Not bad compared to last week, only up to nearly 70 thousand gold, I should have took time to note the amount I started the week with but oh well. TradeSkillMaster_Accounting still shows I made more then I spent, though I spent a considerable amount.

Honestly posting, crafting and so on with my professions is taking up so much of my time, but I was glad that I sold more this week and brought in more.  What suprised me this week, well I only tried to sell some maelstrom enchants late in the week and my second highest item was mighty intellect to bracers as well as selling 9 Embersilk Bags for a total of 2496g 78s 54 copper.  The bags I had a bit of bad luck with in the past, but it was nice to see they where selling this time.  Bag of Jewels didn't make the list, but I'm currently the only one selling it at the moment so I'm hoping to sell more of them.

Pyrite ore finally dropped below 5.5g briefly one day so I quickly snatched up some of those, and you can see I made a fair amount of gold just selling the volatile earth from prospecting those.  Rare Gems have become a bit of a thorn in my side as there are so many people the drive the price down way to much of the time and will be camping the AH.

I'm also still sorta surprised how much Zephyrite sells, It doesn't sell for much, but I usually have a fairly large number after prospecting and been listing them regularly in singles though thinking of trying a few things I've been reading lately like listing so many stacks of 3 for 48 hours for the jewel-crafting daily when it comes.  And the stacks of Volatile Earth I only sell in stacks of 10 and only undercut other stacks of 10.