Friday, June 24, 2011

Recent Thoughts about my Auction House Experience

Recently I got to thinking that when I first started playing World of Warcraft, one of the first things I tried to do with blacksmithing is I went to Stormwind with a bunch of ore I had and made some things, and I wasn't even looking at the auction house at the time to see how much ore was going for etc, I just was offering the things I made in trade for a little more then the regents I just bought from the blacksmithing supplier to sell the item for, and was instantly returned with, people mocking me for doing so, though I think I did sell maybe one of the items.

Thinking back on it now I should have just stuck with it and kept trying, and of course included the going price of the bars on the auction house as well, but I didn't really try again. I did list the occasional item on the auction house but wasn't something I stayed constant at. Most my time playing World of Warcraft I rarely listed things on the auction house, aside from rare drops and such, but then having gold was never that much of a driving point. I wanted to raid and I was fine with at least having enough to cover my repair cost. That was the largest part of my grinding, just making sure I had enough to be able to repair my gear. I should have tried harder.

Its kinda funny in a way that now I have more then enough to cover repairs and maybe to buy something I really want off the auction house, like dark moon cards etc, but I'm not currently raiding, I'm not even running five mans much, I'm just playing the auction house.

If only I had desire to do then what I'm doing now and kept with it I would have allot more gold back then, and possibly even more now. Instead of looking at coming closer and closer to breaking my first one-hundred thousand gold, maybe I would be looking at breaking my first five-hundred thousand. At the very least I wouldn't have had to grind for repair bills, and now and then I would have been able to swipe up that item I really wanted off the auction house, instead of thinking man it would be nice to have that.

Right now there are a few items like that on the auction house that I would like to pick up like the dark moon cards and vial of sands mount etc, though I want to work on leveling up my archeology on my shaman so he can make the vial of sands himself, of course that still won't be much cheaper then buying it of the auction house I don't think, well probably a fair bit, and I'm working on leveling a inscription character so maybe I can start making my own dark moon cards. The only things really stopping me from getting much of anything off the auction house I want right now is greed, and not really needing it right now. Having best in slot gear isn't going to do me that much good when I'm not even raiding currently.

I'm not sure what my goal for this expansion is going to be now, my first goal was to hopefully not be behind in raiding..well I made the mistake of switching servers and leaving a guild that I probably could have been raiding with and now not raiding so..yeah that's a failure, I'm already well behind in that department as 4.2 is just around the corner and I haven't even started this tier of raiding, but oh well, much as I would like to be doing that I'm sorta just happily plugging away at learning to make gold.

I'm going to start making some post on how to make gold of my own, though probably most of it will just be information that I've learned from others in hopes that maybe I can least help some others out there.