Monday, June 13, 2011

Enchanting, Jewel Crafting, and How to price

I've been arguing with myself for awhile since I started the jewel crafting bit to feed my enchanting, if it was a good idea to be willing to post my enchants for less then the normal going price for the mats on the auction house.

I'm thinking in order to make the maximum gold I could from my enchants I need to go back to using the material cost instead of the cheaper cost of disenchanting jewel crafting rings and necks.  Not that I am going to stop doing that of course.

One of the reasons is, for one, I do not always get the amount of materials I would need to completely restock my enchants, and would require me to buy larger and larger amounts of ore just to keep enough materials, so rather then have to buy, and prospect one-hundred or more stacks of obsidian or elementium ore I could also still buy some of the materials if they where under market value of course.

Though I'm wondering if it is the fairest or best thing to do?

Any thoughts?