Monday, June 13, 2011

What has been selling this week

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Borrowing something from Auction House Addict and posting whats been selling this week.

Since I've moved over my jewel crafted and gone from buying enchanting mats whole sale to buying ore to prospected and make things to disenchant and then selling the enchants along with some cut gems, the gold just seems to keep coming in.  Granted  I still have to work the auction house a fair bit to make the most out of my investment but I've been doing better at a couple things over the past few weeks.

What surprised me recently is that my number one source of gold this week was the two handed agility enchant, that previously, before using spreadsheets and prospecting had been one of my least profitable enchants.

The sales I've made by volume, most sold items had previously always been the enchant chest - mighty stats, but that has now been overtaking by gems, Brilliant(30) and Delicate(25), Inferno ruby's, and apparently zephyrite(42), though honestly I'm almost always wanting to just vendor the zephyrite as there isn't much to do with it, but guess I should just keep listing it even if it is more a drop in the bucket then anythings.

One thing that still bother's me is enchant shield - mastery is suppose to be one of the best if not the best warrior and pally tanking enchants but are constantly being pushed down to 3g?  I tried to up that at one point and and well it turned out to be a complete and utter waste of time.

Volatile earth from prospecting pyrite is a good amount of gold to when you can get the pyrite for a decent amount, I've been shooting for under 6g but lately its been 7-9g per for the last week or so.

Also since Heavenly Shards have been so damn expensive lately I've been using my blacksmith to Stormforged Shoulders to disenchant and that cost me about 36g per shard rather then 60ish they had been going for awhile.  They seem to have gone back down around in the 50's as I'm writing this, but I still wouldn't buy them for that.  I use to only be willing to pay 45g or less for them, preferably less.

I know there are some worries as to what 4.2 will bring to the jewel crafting market and what price people are going to be willing to spend per stack of ore, but since the vast majority of my jewel crafting goes into enchanting mats for my enchanting I don't think i'm that worried about it.

by the way it is a little bothersome that I've sold nearly as many auctions as Auction House Addict, but yet my total amount for those was nearly half...

At the very least though I'm just shy of sixty thousand gold now, not bad for only just hitting the fifty thousand not that long ago.