Thursday, June 30, 2011

Patch 4.2 Did indeed come and already having regrets

First night of the World of Warcraft Firelands patch and I'm already regretting I didn't really try to stock up.  I had a little bit of backlog of enchants and such that I pulled the night before the servers went back up, but I didn't have to much.

What stock I did have saved up sold pretty quickly though, I signed on posted what enchants I could and other things and maybe a hour or two later after I did all the new quests on my mage I had sold about 6k+ in enchants.  Was the first time ever that nearly every sing last one of the enchants that I tossed up sold in little time.

I spent a while last night farming ore and herbs on my druid to make some more enchants simply cause greater celestial essence and heavenly shards where in the 100+g range per, so where way over my buying point to restock.  I did manage to get some more maelstrom crystals though for under two-hundred and thirty gold which was nice.

I also unfortunately found out last night that I hadn't done all of the Hyjal quest on my warrior so he has some quests to do before he can start on the dailies which means he'll be behind my mage in progress, which is sorta alright but still sorta sucks as blacksmithing seems to be my second major source of income now.

Not bad for 3 days sales though, 20k gold, just thinking how much more that could have been if I stock piled more.