Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is bored, but still making gold

Lately I haven't been doing much in game, least not as much as I would like.  Seems like I should be making more effort to run the newer heroics Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman, but keep getting bad groups for both most the time.  If I'm on my shaman healing with some guild mates we seem to get through, but the times I've tried queing without them I've had mixed results.  Sometimes get through, but not without some wipes, and I always seem to die on the snake boss in Zul'Gurub cause my health is allowed to get to low.

But on the plus side I've still been selling my enchants and making a profit.  I'm up to about twenty-eight thousand gold now, and debating if I should get the reins of the traveler's tundra mammoth now, or least wait till I'm at around fifty thousand.  I was originally going to wait till one-hundred thousand, but don't believe I'm going to wait that long to get it.

I'm still sorta disappointed that so far this expansion, I have not killed a single raid boss yet, I want to be able to raid, but I've never really been one to look to lead them, and course my schedule is always a bit wonky so I never know what days of the week I could raid if raid times where to start earlier then eleven or twelve pm EST.  As some nights, not as often anymore at least I don't leave work till eleven pm.

The guild I'm in now I joined cause of a co-worker suggest I should transfer over to Llane and join his guild, and certain reasons I wasn't quite feeling like staying on Cenarion Circle.  I almost want to just find a different MMO I could enjoy to play that wasn't WoW, but I sorta like the cartoonist look of World of Warcraft and the game play over most other games.  Rift is pretty neat from what I saw on the beta of the game, but I'm not sure I could even get that into that game, but I may give it another shot here before to long, at the very least it will give me something else to do.

Who else out there is playing, but just not really doing much of anything now as well?