Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Playing Rift

Realm of the Fae Mountain Top in Rift
So lately I haven't been playing World of Warcraft as much but instead have been giving Rift more of a try.  I tried it once before when it was still in beta and while the game is interesting and is sorta fun to play, there is just some reason why I still can't seem to find myself as immersed  into the game as I did when I first picked up World of Warcraft.

Maybe has something to do with playing Warcraft III before World of Warcraft which gave me a reason to want to be more involved in the world and so far I just have followed much of the lore in Rift.  But I will say the game is visually amazing as you can see in the above photo where my rogue is standing in the later section of the Realm of the Fae where your up top this "mountain" and there is a blizzard, obscuring much of your view, and makes for a awesome effect.

Course so far I also haven't seemed to have to much success with the AH in the game.  Trying to just gather and sell what I gathered hasn't sold all that well but maybe I need to sell smaller stacks then the 50 that most things stack up to.

I also have one of every "class" started trying to find the right one for me to play.  I like certain aspects of most of them but not sure I really enjoy one more then any other.  Course aside from four classes you have to figure out which of the nine souls for each class you wish to be your main, which sorta makes it more like 36 different classes to play.

Course if you play a cleric you got the four different make aspects of play, tank, melee dps, range dps, or healer.