Thursday, August 18, 2011

Single Player Games That Require Internet

Screenshot of Assassin's Creed II from Wikipedia

I have about 7 days off from work as I took my second week of vacation for this year, and for some reason my roommate just had to get behind on paying the bill with Comcast yet again, who provides are internet, TV, and home phone.

And while it sucks I don't have internet and can not play wow and see how much more gold I can make, I figured well at least I got movies and some of my single player games I can play..well least that was what I thought at first till I started trying to play some of them. Right now the only game I got installed that seems to want to allow me to play is Prototype.

The problem I'm having with a fair number of the games I have installed is that I obtained them from Steam and Steam is refusing to launch without a internet connection even though I know in the past I've had it run without it.

Assassin's Creed which is not a game I “play online” requires a internet connection to even play which is just rather annoying, even if I could get steam to launch I would have the same problem with Bullet storm which is rather fun game to play but that requires Windows Live.

I know that we are in a time where allot of people are constantly connected to the internet, but having single player games require a internet connection to even play and games obtained via Steam to require at least steam to be running is just sorta a stupid idea to me.

I should be able to play these game with no internet and no other application running if I so choose to do so. Right now I do not have friends on steam or windows live that I play these games with or talk about these games with so why do I give a shit that some achievement I might get in the game is not going to be shared right off or ever when I can't get online?

I mainly want to play these games when I do not have a internet connection anyways, if I want to play something online, I'll play something more social like DC Universe or more then likely World of Warcraft.

Please stop this bull of having games require a internet connection that have no real good reason to require it, ie games that you can play on your own. I mean it makes sense that a game like World of Warcraft requires a active internet connection, it a mmorpg, and its designed that way, but games like Assassin's Creed 2, Bulletstorm, etc that have single player as either there design or as one of the ways to enjoy the game should not.

Sorry if this is a bit of a rant but I am just frustrated at the moment. Hopefully my roommate manages to get the the internet sorted out soon so I can get online again before I go stark raving insane.